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Slab Leak Repair Services In Fort Worth, TX

Most homeowners are aware of pipe leaks, which can be repaired or replaced. What happens when pipes leak under your home? This is the most disastrous leak a Fort Worth homeowner can find. A leak in your slab can spell major trouble for your home.

Don’t worry! We can make this nightmare a little less scary! Mr. Plumber in DFW has all the information you need to know about slab leaks, what causes them and how to move forward once you have one.

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What Is a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are relatively self-explanatory. When the piping in your foundation slab begins leaking, homeowners deal with a slab leak. If left unchecked, they can cause significant damage to a home’s foundation and flooring. Slab leaks are difficult to repair because they’re encased in cement.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

If you’re wondering how so much concrete under your Fort Worth home could have actually moved enough to crack your pipes, here are a few causes of slab leaks:

Poor Construction

The most common cause of slab leaks is incorrect installation or poor-quality pipes. During installation, if your pipes were nicked, bent or dented, the water flow over time could cause the pipes to leak in those areas. They could even burst given enough time! Copper pipes have the highest risk of corrosion due to their naturally soft nature and vulnerability to the elements.


The pressure of water flow is not the only thing that can affect your pipes. Soil shifting under your slab can cause the house to move ever so slightly, putting pressure on the pipes. This shift can be caused by earthquakes (rare in Fort Worth), underground water or soil erosion. These leaks tend to be large and should be identified as soon as possible.

Water Quality

Areas with hard water, like Fort Worth, can be susceptible to corrosion inside their pipes. The acidic nature of hard water can wear away at pipes and cause leaks over time.


The simple rubbing of pipes against gravel, concrete and other pipes underneath the home can inflict damage. Hot water pipes are especially prone to this damage because they expand due to the heat and rub against their surroundings.


By far, the most common cause of slab leaks is simply time. Older homes were often installed with copper pipes, which we mentioned above as particularly vulnerable. Also, extended periods of stress on pipes can lead to them bursting.

Signs You Have A Slab Leak

Slab leaks are notoriously difficult to detect before they begin causing damage, with good reason. They usually remain hidden inside the slab until they’ve already become a bigger problem. However, recognizing the signs of a slab leak can help you spot the problem as fast as possible and minimize the damage it causes. Signs of a slab leak include:

  • Wet carpet or warped hardwood flooring
  • Hot spots on the floor
  • Low water pressure
  • Uncommonly high water bills
  • Mold or mildew smell

These are all sure signs of a problem, and if you’re lucky, that problem will be a regular pipe leak. However, you should call a reliable plumbing company like Mr. Plumber in DFW immediately if you notice any of the signs listed above and tell them you suspect a slab leak.

Slab Leak Detection And Repair

When you call us for a slab leak, our plumber will use special leak detection equipment to locate the leak and assess the damage it has caused. Once they better understand the problem, the plumber will recommend the best solution to repair the leak.

Because making slab leak repairs is usually a complicated process, many plumbing companies won’t even provide the service, which can leave homeowners hanging with no help when they need it most. Even slab leaks can’t stand in the way of our commitment to our customers! The Mr. Plumber team is committed to providing full plumbing services to all our customers, even if it means getting our hands dirty. Our team will work quickly to repair the leak and do everything to return your plumbing to its proper function.

Fort Worth Slab Leak Services

Mr. Plumber in DFW is here for all your slab concerns. We have the technology to find and address your slab leak with the least disturbance to your Fort Worth home and property. If you suspect a slab leak, don’t waste time! Contact us today!

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